OK, a disclaimer here/ This page is not anything but me sharing an incident in my life that many have queried about, some have interpreted it to the best of their, and perhaps for self-comforting levels and i see NOTHING wrong on that/ I merely hope that page provides a sincere commentary, without any self-pity OR self-praising layers to it. This is my story, it is true and this is how I and my loved ones have swam thru it and are still doing so.

I have recently been referred to as a true inspiration. It has actually reached a point that the next time I hear it I am willing to rather arrogantly question the individual for an explanation of the term Inspiration.

You see, towards the end of September 2016, I began getting tremendous pains in my legs. I have been diabetic for 16 years and knew that this would be one of the eventual complications of the illness. One fine day my legs gave way and i crumbled to the floor, right ousted our front door. I never really recovered from that and though I was back on my feet, I had a fall as I slipped on a rug in our back yard that had sort of soaked in a spill of soapy water from our washing machine. That I never recovered from and soon the next month ( I had just turned 48) they had to amputate my left foot, just below my knee. Prior to that I had heard that my kidneys were failing and i had to be dialysed three time a week. My life came to a stand still. Having been a man who spent my entire life looking for a one-to-one relationship with God, who I was raised to believe was a loving, compassionate and forgiving God, I looked up and then bowed my head in a son-like plea to his heavily father. Nothing happened, I knocked and a door did not open. I sought and never found anything/ So that is out of the way.

I am on a wheel chair since. My family has stood by me, specially my wife Alia. I know my sister and her husband Eugene, my in-laws became our core support, while my mother had surely stormed heaven and who ever owned it. Some dear friends who I could count on one hand stood by me during this period.

what would you have done if you were on a wheel chair? Being an inspiration is the LAST thing on your mind. It becomes about survival and all of a sudden you become a warrior and you fight the back. If life has ounched you, you punch back. Twice. The organization that I work for (DHL) stood by me and I made sure that within four months I was at work three times a day and then finally every day. I am learning to walk on a prosthetic foot and that will put me back on my feet I hope very soon.

Tens or hundreds of people will turn their back on you because their friendship ends when their needs end. If I were to write a book on such folk, dedicating a page to everyone of them I would end up with an extremely heavy book. I say this because if you feel some people do that to you, do not be dishearten, focus on the handful that are near you. You will be suprised how many scripture reciting people will turn their back on you. It is OK, trust me it is for the best/ Your best.

A young lad called Roshan told me that during such times it is not just our inner strength, but the strength of our loved ones that help us become the warriors that we become to stand up and win this battle. Here’s to that and the warrior in you and me.