The Uncultured Company is me and yet I am merely its guardian. It is not an ‘organization’ or a ‘group’. It is a way of life, a school of thought, an emotion that resides in every individual – strongly when we are kids, while many seem to dilute it as they grow. It is also referenced in the scriptures, and yet its readers often skip it or merely do not understand her significance. The best thing is that, instead of being explained it is purely felt and that is how it is best passed on. Its core essence is that we need to stop this hatred that exists amongst us. We need to rise above our insecurities of the unknown and open up our hearts to soak in our surroundings and live in harmony . Let not religions and races and discrimination of those and many other things, create a barrier among us.

Our souls knows that there is just one world – that is all of this creation. There is just one faith – that is there is hope and goodness. That is the universal faith that we share. Two bothers can call their same father by two different names. Fact is that we would both love our father for who he is, instead of killing each other by what we call him. Then comes one race – the human race!!! Mankind. We were created equally, with the same amount of passion and love, so who are we to separate us, believing that some of us are superior to the rest of us? Today we still discriminate on the basis of the colour of our skin. Bottom line, we are ALL of one colour – the colour of a single creation!!! All we have is just a different, unique and beautiful face and that is really the artistic creativity of Life.

One World, One Faith, One Race. One Colour, Just A Different Face