The Teasers

USS DIN. Starring the incredibly talented RajKumar Rao and many others. Voted by the TimesOfIndia as being amonst the top 10 short films made by an Indian that year.

A GOD OF SINNERS – The hard hitting short film focusing on how society is diving us apart. It went to a number of festivals across the world, including TheShortFilmConner at Cannes in 2013. IT stared some amazing talentsuch as ShashankArora, AkshayMittal, SandhanChowdary and SalmanKhan. Behind the camera were power talents like ArjunSorte, RaghuNaik, RakshitTantry, RahulBhatt and MrugeshRana

ALIVE – The first short film I did in Singapore.

The Films

here is the full film. Enjoy it and share the message

The Verses

I have embarked on the #SpokenWord journey and truly enjoying the pleasure to take verses that I had written a while ago and giving them a new medium. Check them out on my YouTube channel