Humanity And Success

Does one have to compromise on Humanity to become successful? Shame on you, if you said yes to that. We evolve, become doctors, artist etc as we grow and learn these fields. We become very good at these things that we learn as we grow. What about the things that we have always had within us? Life’s own flavours of love, goodness and humanity? Who said that we need to drop these from our baskets of wisdom to accommodate academic or worldly knowledge? So my dear fellow mortals, go ahead, get all the success that you seek, emotionally and monetarily, but take your humanity, your love and your goodness with you along that path. Here are five steps that I suggest:-

1) Have a dream – Remember great people became great because they dared to dream. This could be anything from buying a new car, villa to taking your family on a world cruise. This is YOUR dream.

2) Keep YOUR dream YOURS. If you want to achieve your dream, YOU will have to work hard towards achieving it. Don’t think that you can pass on the dirty or hard work to someone else. There is a layer of divinity associated with this dream and the moment you pass the hard/dirty work to someone else, the divinity gets diluted and perhaps eventually disappears.

3) Keep the purity alive – By this I mean that you will not cheat, you will not backstab and you will not take credit for something that you did not work towards. Don’t stamp on someone else to reach your dreams.

4) Faith – Have the faith. Offer your hard work, your gratitude and the smaller milestone victories to life. The universe is your only partner in this mission, regardless of the fact that the fruits will be shared with your family and/or other loved ones.

5) Never stop celebrating. What I mean here is that you must never let this struggle to achieve your goal control your life to the extent that you forget your own self, you family and your world. So make the time for yourself, your family and your world, coz remember they are the real blessings given to you, and you must make the time to appreciate them. To celebrate with them.