Though I strongly have come to believe in the power of ONE, I am constantly looking for the ‘other ones’ who can walk this journey with me and make me a part of their journey. My core strengths are:

Being  an extremely loyal friend a  mediocre writer of verses, stories and screenplays

A  passionate but eccentric film maker so come to me if you connect with my cause, mt passion for the art bu most importantly to connect all of this creation in peace, love and tolerance.

Are you:-

An      honest and caring individual who wants to give back?

An      artist, i.e. an actor, musician, technical individual etc.?

Are      you PR or digital world guru?

A      gift-of-the-gab individual?

An      investor with a heart?

All      Of The Above?

PLEASE get in touch with me



Can you assist with getting me on speaking platforms, ranging from youths to corporates to platforms such as INK, StoryTellers and TED/TEDx? Pls get in touch

Films, Festival & Online Platforms

Can you assist with helping me get my films to a larger audience thru (but not limited to) festivals or online platforms like Netflix and PrimeVideo?

Can you assist as an Executive Producer on our films?

Blah Blah

Connect anyway, either here or on social media. I would truly love to hear from you

Here I Am

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